E-cigarettes in Strasbourg, surfing on the vape

In six months the number of sellers of e-cigarettes has increased in Strasbourg. If the first store opened there two years, they are now ten . Young autoentrepreneurs, sellers who officiated on the canvas now take their shop. The “vape” remains a very attractive market, but also very risky.

E-cigarettes in Strasbourg:

“With that prepares Brussels, I can tell you that sleeps badly!” Bratislav Turudic has reason to be worried: the European Commission is considering banning the use of refillable atomizers, or electronic cigarettes. ” Brat” has invested a lot of money to enter this new market, then reserved for a handful of fans before the big summer wave of media coverage of these products allow supposed to quit smoothly.

In May 2013, Bratislav Turudic opened its first store in Neudorf, under “Vap’n Co” brand. A month later, he opened a second store in the Robertsau, then a third Erstein in September. In January, it will Schiltigheim . His employee, Julien Puma account for its open his own business under the same brand ” within six months to a year. “So naturally a ban Brussels would be a blow to all those who invest in the market for ” vape “, which doubles every year, the number of “vapoteurs” exceeded 1.5 million in France in 2013.

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E-cigarettes in Strasbourg Part2

Strasbourg is not (yet) a jungle

For now, the number of specialized vendors grows too: Econoclope is the first store to open in Strasbourg in 2012. Both Strasbourg stalls, we must now add Haguenau, Metz and Sarreguemines. The brand also says on its website wanting to “develop other outlets”. E-Cigarette, My Free Cig, Sweet & Vapes, Alsa Cigs, Vap’n Co or Break Cig’arrete also been added outlets.

Strasbourg but is not yet a jungle for investors, according to Almond Valladier. In 2010, 24 year old student recorded his SIRET of autoentrepreneur with her partner in creating My Free Cig, a website selling MODs, advanced electric atomizers and reserved for customer initiated. Since this summer, Almond and his companion are partners in a limited liability company, more suited to their revenue structure:

“Even if the same products in the shop are found almost everywhere, everyone gets around to find customers. And as we sell very little in Strasbourg, we are not really concerned with competition. For now, I would say that everyone finds his place”.

Shared by our interlocutors notice, including a priori when a trade competitor opened in the same street . On the avenue Aristide Briand, Bratislav Turudic prepares to voisiner with Marc Benoit, a passionate vapoteur who sold his goods also on canvas, next to his business road, before settling for good: Pause Store Cig’arrete expected to open in early 2014 . Installed first on the scene, “Brat” is not worried:

“Benoit is a friend. We will be complementary in our products: rather sell him MODs, as we sell 80% of people who discover the vape”.

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